The House of Commons voted on Trident last night, Jeremy Corbyn while speaking against was interrupted by Labour MPs asking him why he didn’t support Labour’s (losing) Manifesto. They can’t have it both ways, either winning elections is everything and they can dump the elected Leader because they think he can’t or it isn’t and the demonstrable fact is that the manifesto failed to win. Why not change the policy rather than the Leader?

They also have a very selective memory as to what the manifesto/programme said.

The 2014 programme, on which the manifesto was based, stated that Labour would need “a clear body of evidence” to abandon its commitment to a continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent yet that it would “actively … work .. on global multilateral disarmament efforts,  …  looking at further reductions in global stockpiles and the number of weapons”.  It stated that in government it would look for the evidence, that the 2015 Defence Review would be “examining all capabilities including nuclear”.

It also says that “Labour would … take a leading role internationally to push the agenda of global anti-proliferation with nuclear and non-nuclear states … to advance ‘Global Zero’ which seeks to … [eliminate] … all nuclear weapons.” Labour would have put the ICBMs on the table.



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