I have now returned from Las Vegas. What an amazing place! I stayed at the Mirage, one of the huge hotel/casinos on the strip. Words fail me! They’ve even got slot machines embedded into the bars, fortunately not at the restaurant tables though. In the slideshow there is a picture of the arcade into the Bellagio, for those who like me have declining eye-site, the two shops are Chanel & Tiffany & Co., which sort of sums up the strip. The Mirage has a caged white tiger (endangered species?) and dolphins in the swimming pool. Not good to my mind.  😡

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I did manage to get off the strip and visit an old friend in the suburbs, and so got a good view of the surrounding desert and mountains, and a more typical western US atmosphere. I may even try to return sometime with the family, but I doubt I’ll spend much time in the casinos. I had thought that having got through the security checks and into the departure lounge, that I’d be free of the slot machines, “No Chance”; the airport departure lounge has an array of slot machines.

This was a business trip so I didn’t get much chance to take any pictures, but I those I did I have uploaded those I did take to the usual place and republished using the slideshow widget above.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, republished here in Feb 2016.

Viva Las Vegas
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