Labour’s Leadership election is hotting up, and we’ve had the bleatings of the Blairite right and now the desperation of the perpetual “Leadership behind closed doors”. Here are four stories, originally posted as a storify, one on Alan Johnson’s appeal to “Stop the madness”, Owen Jones on the right’s demonisation of Corbyn and his ideas,  Peter Preston, an ex-Guardian editor on the press and John Harris on his conversations and experiences of Labour’s grass roots.

This was originally entitled “An abscence of politics” because I thought that the debate had drfited from the politics of the manifesto to that of abuse of either members or Corbyn. As ever with storify mirrors, backdated to the date of original publication.

I particularly like this, ‘John Harris shows more insight than he knows, when he says, “The cacophony of pro-Corbyn noise on Twitter and those packed meetings symbolise something beautifully simple: people refusing to do what they’re told.”’

An abscence of politics
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