The Left slate for the open national positions in the Labour Party. These are for the Conference Arrangements Committee and the National Constitutional Committee.

Vote Left 2017

Conference Arrangements Committee

The Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC) has a crucial role in influencing the running of conference, and therefore requires candidates who will represent the wishes of members.

The center left candidates requiring nomination are Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes for the two CLP reps on the Conference Arrangements Committee (CAC).

Seema Chandwani is a CLP Secretary (Tottenham CLP, Labour Party Membership Number: L1187007); and Billy Hayes is the former General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (Mitcham and Morden CLP, Labour Party Membership Number A065571).

The election for these reps will be by a One Member One Vote ballot this summer.

National Constitutional Committee.

The Left Candidates  for the two CLP reps on the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) are Anna Dyer and Emine Ibrahim.

Anna Dyer is a sitting member of the NCC (Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L0081865) and Emine Ibrahim is a CLP rep on the London Region’s Labour Party Board (Hornsey and Wood Green CLP, Labour Party Membership Number L0150489).

The election of these reps will be by CLP delegates at the Annual Conference in September. The nomination process will be for most CLP’s the mandate for the delegates.

Click here for pdf leaflets: Billy Hayes; Seema Chandwani; Emine Ibrahim; Anna Dyer.

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