1st episode of Dr Who for 20? years – finished about an hour ago. My Vote – great! (You can also see the BBC Site here….)

Despite the casting of Billie Piper as the assistant and some of Chris Ecclestone’s previous parts which hardly qualify him to play the Doctor, the BBC’s investment in love, script, humour and effects just brings back the best. Ecclestone’s mercurial, manic & mysterious performance is reminiscent of Tom Baker, the fan’s favourite, and maybe Sylvester McCoy, one of my favourites. (I don’t count Paul McGann as a Doctor, and neither does IMDB). While my son (18) asks how the shop dummies suddenly obtain machine guns up their arms, I jumped out my seat when the wheelie bin attacked Rose’s (Piper) boy friend.

ecclestone and piper

Interestingly, Google failed to get a product placement when Rose looked up the Doctor on the internet. They invented a search engine, and it took here three queries to find what she was looking for. Obviously more persistent than most of us. 🙂 . We’d have cut back to Google on the third go. Also she went back to her boyfriend house to use the computer, she didn’t pop into Starbucks and use a wireless connection on her mobile. (Admittedly, it’d be difficult to show TV viewers what was happening. Unless they used “24” style split screen.)

For some dubious plot reason, Rose has to go to the basement to visit the CEOs office. WTF? This would be the first Chief Executive Officer I know who has an office in the basement! We learn later that the acronym CEO stood for Chief Electrical Officer. I thought the passing on of such a job, ushered the entrance of electrical supply to the utility world.

Perhaps the episode was set in the past.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, and republished here in Feb 2016

Dr Who & Utility Computing
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