Just done some tidying up on the blog and web site and my syndication strategies.

Twitter had changed the URL at which my timeline is published, so my “mingle” page was missing the tweets. As a result I have added an “And Elsewhere” page to this blog, which links to my friendfeed, and uses one of their widgets to repeat the most recent friendfeed posts.

I have repaired the mingle page, if that’s where you pick up this stuff. (I have deleted a number of feeds from the configuration file, all feeds that no longer work, including, Living Social, on which I recorded and published my reading list; we can all live without my films/DVDs and iphone apps. Google has been busy enclosing my, and your, web space, so I can no longer post my “Reader” articles into my feeds. I have left my DIGG feed pointing at friendfeed, but I don’t really use it any more. It was no longer relevant to me due to its US centric voting population, and its undemocratic voting algorithms.) I try an publish those stories I want to pass on via my bookmark list which is at delicious.

I sort of wrote something about my syndication strategies and insights at my old sun blog, in an article called “Are blogs losing their influence?”, and suggested that there were publication, distribution, aggregation and consumption roles for software components. Some of the free, social site vendors are trying to capture as much of the vertical information supply chain as possible. I don’t want to play and will try to keep my voice available in the web commons.

I have posted those sites I use to publish content in my Blogroll on this blog site and as I said the planet is now working and you can get what’s there in HTML or ATOM.

Fixing my Feeds
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