I have decided, that despite progress towards the resurrection of my now defunct 2nd blog, a Snipsnap bliki,  that I can’t wait until then to start blogging again. So I have started this blog. BTW that blog was available a http://davelevy.dyndns.info and some the posts are available via Google Reader, [RSS/ATOM],

I have created the categories  admin and silly, and shall shortly add Politics Technology, which should give you an idea of what I plan to write about, although the silly stuff can usually fit into 124 characters and thus is more likely to appear on twitter, may be with a bit of help from http://www.twitlonger.com. I will probably create a category for my rants on Intellectual Property Law, and also on Economics. If my first blog hosted at Sun Microsystems is anything to go by, I should also create a category on travel, but my current job doesn’t require as much, so it’s what I can fund myself, and I usually post a photo-blog to my photostream on flickr.

This blog is hosted using a canned service from 1&1 and uses WordPress. The fact that it’s a canned service means that I have limited control over the look and feel which is why I shall be reading in some detail their FAQ article, How do I install WordPress via FTP? . I had come to the conclusion that I was going to move to WordPress anyway.

My experience with Snipsnap, and looking at Alistair Campbell’s blog as he struggles to avoid using it suggested that all the things that I have been saying and listening to about open source are true. The rate of innovation generated by a community of developers outpaces most corporations, and certainly outpaces me. For instance many WordPress blogs are optimised for small screens, mainly Apple IOS devices, but Android is coming. (WTF are Nokia and Opera so slow to get adoption? It’s going to kill them).

Anyway, welcome, or welcome back, hope this is interesting or useful.

Hello World, again
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