Maybe snipsnap is not the answer

It was good to meet up with Mike Ramchand and Phil Harman last week at the Oracle User Group where Phil was presenting a talk entitled “Virtualisation Fever”. The conversation turned to personal web sites. Mike advised me to get off Snipsnap because its resource implications are too costly. It should be noted that there are a number of additional weaknesses due to its age.  It is written in Java and while it has an extensibility framework, using it requires Java and possibly Groovy, and I code in neither.  …

Arghh! Snipsnap

Finding old blog posts is not easy on Snipsnap; it creates a snip named on the basis of a date/serial concatenation, and does not/cannot index the date against any title specified, or at least not as far as I can see. (I have created a Tag aka Category label of “Blog” but this will only listed manually tagged articles, and it seems, attribute the serial i.e. the final component of the name, which is the day ordinal, to it. Not too useful, by which I mean useless.)


Amended, slightly, on 11th August, when copied to wordpress. This is one of the crucial reasons I decided to get off snipsnap, together with the dying community,growing legacy environment to run it and the excessive cost of hosting, since you need root privilidge to install snipsnap. DFL 11 August 2013 …

Ubuntu, Java and Snipsnap

Struggling to bring up a snipsnap instance on an Ubuntu Virtual Box VM. I have returned to the Synaptic Package Manager and am installing the Java JDK, Groovy and Velocity, not that I need velocity but its fun. I have also included the javadb for good effect as well.


Originally published on blog version 3, the snipsnap bliki. …