I originally announced a new blog on this page a while ago, but set it up to redirect to my bliki. The host system, my Cobalt Qube died yesterday and I had also come to the conclusion that there are significant difficulties with blogging using snipsnap, which I’ll write a blog about some day. Meanwhile, I am still tweeting and aggregating my content at http://friendfeed.com/davelevy. However the snipsnap bliki, and hence the wiki is not currently available. Sorry for those using them. Also the planets I hosted on the Qube are also not currently available. Again apologies for those who used them. If you need to recover anything I said, the blog’s RSS feed is available via Google Reader, but only since Nov 2009 which means the blog articles in September, October and early November are still missing.

I shall adopt a new blogging technology and am looking to rebuild the wiki. I am unsure about how recent the wiki backups are but having recovered the Qube I hope to get it all back on-line.

Feel free to bookmark this page, meanwhile you can take your pick of how to follow me using the Communities page on this site, or more directly at my http://friendfeed.com/davelevy.


This page was created and hosted on davelevy.info. It was obviously created at the time of failure. It was copied to this blog in July 2013, while tidying up and simplifying the static site.

My snipsnap bliki fails
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