For various reasons considering why Labour lost and whether it was because we were too Left or too Right. I am reminded of a speech I gave to LPYS Conference in 1979, where I said that it wasn’t the right wing manifesto during three weeks of the campaign, it was the four year record of a right wing labour government! This was a Government that nationalised things. Right wing? We were mad! The rest as they say is History.


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  • 30th August 2016 at 3:35 pm

    There’s a blog here; Labour fought the election on a monetarist economic platform against Thatcher’s full blown monetarism and trade union law reform. The British people had seen what Soviet Britain would look like during the winter of discontent and rejected it. Another personal experience was the LPYS Summer Camp of that year; another awful window on what a Soviet Britain would look like. The Labour movement was riven between its industrial and political wings and given a choice between the (monetarist) shout and an echo, the people chose the true voice. As we know, Labour’s Left mobilised and reselected a couple of egregiously right wing MPs who left to found the SDP. 10 years later a Kinnock led Labour Party expelled the Trots.

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