I shall be voting for Tom Watson for Deputy and ask you to do so too. He is a long term campaigner on the side of the good. He has shown he stands up for what he thinks is right and has Government experience having served in the last labour Governments in Defence and the Cabinet Office. In 2010, he took the citizens position and opposed the Digital Economy Act, and during the last Parliament he opposed the Governments repeated attempts to introduce and legalise mass surveillance, most recently 15 months ago when he led the opposition to DRIP, an opposition he took to court and won, with the unique result that the courts have put a judicial sunset clause on the Act. He has also taken the government to court to have their information sharing with the USA declared illegal because of the military use the American make of it. He led the majority on the Culture Media and Sports select committee on phone hacking and media plurality which led to Murdoch closing the ‘Screws, giving up on owning Sky and being sidelined in the USA in the bulk of his video on demand business and the Leveson Enquiry and Report. He has a Stakanovite work ethic and his agenda on party reform while not specific in terms of power sharing, he has said,

We need to rebuild from the grassroots up, listening to members and listening to voters, using the talent of our councillors, using technology more effectively.



Tom Watson for Deputy
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