On a high note, I am glad this week’s election campaigning has ended with some serious policy announcements by Labour, on free internet involving the renationalisation of parts of BT, by John McDonnell and also by Jeremy and earlier in the week, free life long access to higher education led by Angela Rayner. The Manifesto will be agreed tomorrow so let’s hope we can keep this on a high note. It’s quite hard because so many people want to see the election in the gutter.

I have a problem because it’s so easy and not always unamusing. Oh OK! I have to go there! …

And you take the low road.

Firstly, on Boris Johnson and his record … here’s David Schneider, on Twitter, focusing on his time at Westminster

but I also helped Bob from Brockley out , who looked at his time as Mayor of London catalogued

“… that silly cable car, an island airport, silly buses and a garden bridge that never got built, which between them cost us billions

by reminding him of the helter-skelter that doesn’t work. Other correspondents, pointed out the financial loss in disposing of the Olympic site’s assets, the water cannons and the lunacy of suggesting a bridge between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. In addition, we must also remember he fired one Police Commissioner and had to let another go, and cut both the Police and Fire Services. He was a dreadful and corrupt Mayor but the debate around Bob’s post led me to look for and find this, an article on his legacy as the planning authority, I summarise: too many towers, not enough homes, not enough real jobs.

But let’s not let the Libdems and Jo Swinson off. Their shallow presentation of the “Stop Brexit” slogan, allied with their typical electoral sectarianism shown in their behaviour in Canterbury & Kensington and elsewhere, together with their dodgy graphs, their political legacy from the Coalition and their current proposed policies on higher education and now their announcement that they will aim for a permanent fiscal surplus. – Sectarianism & Idiocy!

Image Credit: from flickr, CC Sean MacEntee 2014 BY

I’ll take the high road …
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