I have just bookmarked Crispin Flintoff’s video made for Stand up for Labour, as part of his campaign to get the Party to spend more on the CLPs by means of remission of a higher proportion of the membership subs.

From 29:30 Dave from Milton Keynes, kicks off a discussion about the management and reporting of the Party’s finances. Two NEC members, Gurinder Singh and Jon Lansman comment on the exclusion of the NEC from the management of money. It’s really quite shocking.

Mushroom Therapy
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  • 29th June 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Dave mentions that the annual report does not report the senior staff pay levels, nor identify the de-facto Chief Financial Officer since it is obvious that the part time, elected Treasurer, Dianna Holland is not it and neither is the General Secretary. They do not report on the ratio of the highest and lowest paid staff, nor report on staff management equalities goals and achievements.

    Lansman states that NEC members don’t see the finance papers, although he implies that the Officer’s Committee do, but suggests that the Risk and Audit Committee don’t which would be somewhat counter intuitive. Not circulating the finance papers to the NEC, who are individually responsible would seem to be unusual. I remember the nervousness of fellow Directors on the one Ltd company I was director of about the lack of accountability of the CEO vs, the personal liability we held.

    No central accounting or accountability is made of Labour Group funds.

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