I have today updated my feedly OPML file mirror on this site. You can use this to import my list into another reader but there are over 400 feeds, and some of them are no longer live. Perhaps I should weed it. …¬†

Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) is an XML file format used for creating outlines. As a result of the extensibility of the XML base, OPML has been used to organize many kinds of data as it may be customized for each application. The format is simple, self-documenting, extensible and human-readable. For more see this, OPML at whatis.techtarget.com.

This site uses it in two places, I document my feedly feeds as OPML on my feeds page, and I generate an OPML list of those feeds that contribute to my insights spore.

My feedly OPML
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