Corbyn went on the Andrew Marr show and said that Labour would come out of the single market and end freedom of movement of labour because it had destroyed opportunity in the UK. (I haven’t yet seen the interview but I have read a great deal of comment.) I have linked to Darrel Challoner’s essay on Corbyn’s comments on immigration in the comment to this article.

He is not in Government, I will judge him by the way he opposes the one we have.

But Labour’s conference policy is to have red lines on employment, consumer and migrant rights and to oppose a deal that doesn’t meet those lines. We need the single market (and the EU court)  to guarantee those red lines.

If he gets this wrong, he’ll fracture his internal leadership coalition, the old stalinists advising him and he, himself should be very careful. There’s a high price to be paid for getting this wrong.

Red Lines

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  • 27th July 2017 at 11:29 am

    Darrel Calloner writes on Medium” that he thinks Corbyn’s comments on immigration relate to the “Posted Workers Directive” which is part of the free movement of services.

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