Mobile Future, can Yahoo! really show the way?

Business Insider reports that Yahoo CEO Marisa Meyer is considering giving iphones to all Yahoo! Employees. It seems she agrees with those in the company who feel that their IT department’s commitment to Blackberry is holding them back and that their engineers would benefit from using devices that they aim to deliver services to; not Blackberrys. This was known at Sun Microsystems as “Eating our own dog food” The article finished with what I assume to be a Business Insider editorial comment,

“Yahoo should be innovating for the future, and BlackBerrys are not part of the future. They are part of the quickly fading past.”

The article also states that Meyer is not so wedded to Apple, and might consider Android. The unspoken question is whether Yahoo! is part of the quickly fading past.

On another note, I use all three devices, although the Apple device is an ipod touch and since like everyone I am unhappy with what I have, and am already looking forward to replacing both the phones. …

Orange, Android and POP mail.

I changed my mobile phone recently and like most people there is a period between getting it and being able to do what you want and I have been struggling. The new phone is an HTC Android, provided by Orange. Orange have put a mail client app on the phone, which you can’t uninstall and want to charge me £5.00 per month to use. Given that there are free mail clients on the Android Marketplace and one comes free with the phone from HTC who is going to pay this outrageous tax?

This attempted scam has undone (some of the ) two years worth of great support  and service that I have had. This has not been helped by the fact that the Orange Technical Support have a shit script when speaking to them about this. It took me 4 calls over 30 days to find someone who knew that to avoid this fee, you just need to avoid using the app.

I know it’s not just Orange though. …