Business Insider reports that Yahoo CEO Marisa Meyer is considering giving iphones to all Yahoo! Employees. It seems she agrees with those in the company who feel that their IT department’s commitment to Blackberry is holding them back and that their engineers would benefit from using devices that they aim to deliver services to; not Blackberrys. This was known at Sun Microsystems as “Eating our own dog food” The article finished with what I assume to be a Business Insider editorial comment,

“Yahoo should be innovating for the future, and BlackBerrys are not part of the future. They are part of the quickly fading past.”

The article also states that Meyer is not so wedded to Apple, and might consider Android. The unspoken question is whether Yahoo! is part of the quickly fading past.

On another note, I use all three devices, although the Apple device is an ipod touch and since like everyone I am unhappy with what I have, and am already looking forward to replacing both the phones.

Mobile Future, can Yahoo! really show the way?
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One thought on “Mobile Future, can Yahoo! really show the way?

  • 4th February 2019 at 12:32 pm

    I was tidying up and had reason to reread this. They were right about Blackberry but I was interested in my statement that I was unhappy with my Android phone as something like three phone’s later I am still using Android although perhaps I shouldn’t as iphone security is better.

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