Priti Patel and bullying

Priti Patel and bullying

The report by Prime Minister’s independent advisor on ministerial standards says she is and has been ever since she became a minister, Boris, after having tried to nobble the report, decides that intent is a relevant factor; it isn’t! The impact on its victims is the sole definitional fact that counts. Anyway, her ex-Permanent Secretary, Sir Philip Ruttnam, denies the mitigating factors and so will continue on his route to court. The investigating officer, the Prime Minister’s ex-independent advisor on ministerial standards, Sir Alex Allan has resigned.

It transpires that despite asking, Sir Alex was denied the opportunity to interview Sir Phillip, on legal grounds 🙄

This is not just about politics; bullying is endemic in London and was the single most common grievance I pursued as a Union rep until the post furlough redundancies. I hope the Civil Service unions take this up. …

Dignity and respect at work

I was writing a motion for GMB Congress on Bullying and came across this, from one of the ACAS codes, as part of the definition,

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect at work

I thought that maybe there’s a human rights dimension so went to check out the European Convention on Human Rights since we are losing the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights which does include it. Nope! ECHR doesn’t! Well done! …