I went down to the Mandalay Bay again to visit the Aureole. This is a wine bar with a four story wine rack. The bar staff use a trapeze to retrieve the wine. It has to be seen to be believed. And now, you can see it!

The Wine Rack at the Aureole

It claims to have 69,000 wines. As you can imagine a hard copy wine menu would be a bit of weight, requiring the restaurant to employ the world’s strongest man as somelier. However, they use a tablet pc as the wine list, not quite web 2.0 but cute all the same. The service was immaculate and the company at the table can be pretty fussy. I thoroughly recommend you visit this place either for a “sharp one” or for dinner.


Originally published on my old sun blog, copied across on 8th Oct 2015, the picture is mine and hosted at flickr. It was taken by an early camera or phone, which is why it’s so poor.

The biggest wine rack in the world.
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