So back from Spain after a wonderful break. We travelled to Valencia via Heathrow and Barcelona.

valencia metre

On the way out, I had decided to buy the train tickets at Barcelona Station since I was unclear how long it would take us from touch down to get to Barcelona Sants. The first train was full, and the next one only had 1st class tickets left, and we got the last two seats left. Fortunately, they are not as expensive as they would have been in the UK and it was a jolly comfortable journey. I could get used to this.

The Hotel Neptuno was just what we wanted with great views of the beach and the Americas Cup marina. The english language TV was restricted to CNN and Sky, no BBC and despite having a reliable WiFi in the lounge, BBC iplayer won’t permit me to use its service in Spain. (What’s that about?). I visited the old town, the Cuidad de las Artes y las Ciencias and the Casa de Coupa des Americas, a museum dedicated to Valencia’s pursuit to host the 32nd Americas cup. Valencia is a very Spanish city and observes the seista breaks, so its probably best to copy them. Everyone was very helpful and friendly despite my appalling and non-existent Spanish, from the hotel staff, to the RENFE and Post Office people. All too soon it’s time to return to Barclona, where I discover that my trusty Rough Guide is now too old to be useful. I’ll need to replace it.

I have posted some of the pictures to my flickr site and created a Valencia set.

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