It’s always the way. I have been planning a holiday trip to Valencia, and flying directly there, without using Easyjet is not easy. I don’t want to use EasyJet because watching “Airline” has put me off for life. I don’t want to use Ryan Air because their UK airports are too far from where I live. They’re both owned and run by greedy entreprenuers with a zero customer service ethic. And beyond all these principled factors, I have never found a £10 ticket offer. Unsurprisingly, they’re not that much more inexpensive.

I looked at traveling via Alicante or Barcelona. Again, not easy synching with trains etc, almost worked out how to do it via Alicante, but the flights out were at appalling times. So I had just booked a return trip to Barcelona when I had the Fly Be site pointed out to me. Doh! I had checked that there were no flights to Valencia from Southampton and Bournmouth, but forgot to go around again when I changed my plans.

Spain again
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