I looked at traveling through Alicante on the way to Valencia.

There was very little flight flexibility, and the trains from Valencia started late on the Sunday, although an overnight stop might have been fun. Minutes after booking a trip via Barcelona, I had the http://www.flybe.com, now gone, site pointed out there are three flights a day to Alicante. Maybe next time.

What I originally wrote

How much and how frequent are the trains from Alicante to Valencia? When are the flights? How long’s the journey?

The Renfe site is great. Between 90 mins, and 2 hours, price varies with c. €27.50 for the express and €12.50 for the Regional line. About once/hour.

The Rough Guide says trains to Valencia go from the Estacion de Madrid, RENFE says otherwise. The last train on Wednesday leaves at 19.02, arrives at Valencia 21:06. On Sunday, the first train leaves Valencia @ 13:06 and arrives at Alicante Terminal at 15:00. They’re earlier on Monday. The RENFE site says that the Alicante station is called Alicante Terminal. The rough guide talks of the FGV, http://www.fgvalicante.com, a tram which will one day get to the airport. The #C-6 runs every 40 mins, between c 7:00 & 11:00, costing €1.50. It leaves Plaza Peurta del Mar, last bus 22:20.

BA don’t have that many scheduled flights to Alicante. They fly from LGW and are only offering a 06:25 AM flight. This looks like a no-no. Even with stops on the way. I calculate an 8.5 hour journey.

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