A mind game for journey’s. Define a category for which there are many answers, such as States of the USA, non-members of the UN, Schwarzenegger (or Streep) films and then each player bids as to how many answers they can name. The highest bidder, (the last bid after everyone else has passed) starts and seeks to meet his or her bid. If they succeed, they win, if they fail (you’d best agree a time limit) the other players get to offer answers. There’s to be no repetition and the last player (again best agree a time limit) to state an answer wins.

My favourite question is “Films with sequels where the sequel is as good as or better than the original”, but it can only be played so often; its a category rarely added to. It also creates massive room for disagreement, which is part of the fun.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, republished here in Feb 2016.

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