I spent last night at Deptford Labour’s General Committee at which Mel Ward presented on her experience as an Observer in Hebron, in the Palestinian occupied territories where she had just returned from their where she had served as a Human Rights Observer with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (www.eappi.org) from August – November 2013. She lived and worked in Hebron in the West Bank of the occupied Palestinian territory during this time and reported to the world on her blog, http://www.melanieward.org. I am sure she’d be happy to speak at other meetings and you can guess what she was saying from reading her blog.

This is her third visit to the Middle East, the previous two visits have been to Israel, which is where she starts her talk. She is not anti-Israeli, she is pro-justice and the work of EAPPI is strictly impartial. Part of her talk is about how she tried to bring this impartiality to all parties in Hebron, with more success in some areas than others. The picture below, is posted as a companion to her article, Rotten to the Core, and shows two dangerous terrorists confronted by the Israeli Army and Police.

Recently while researching my article on the UK’s national porn filter I checked out the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child; No. 1 is the right to a childhood, I suspect these children don’t get one.

A message from Hebron
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