A friend moved this motion, in his case, at their CLP on what we need to support people and even families during the current pandemic. (NPI is Non pharmaceutical intervention.) This can be used at CLP, Labour branch and Union branch meetings.

This <entity> views with frustration and anger that we have been plunged into a third national lockdown. This is largely due to the incompetence and mishandling of the pandemic by this Tory government. To ease the burden and hardship of this lockdown we make the following demands for Kier Starmer to place before the Government and then for the Labour Party and trade unions to join a campaign to fight for them.

  1. furlough pay to be 100% of current salary during the duration of the NPI’s
  2. statutory sick pay to be paid at 100% of wages when isolating
  3. parents to be entitled to ask for and be given furlough pay while schools remain closed
  4. Universal Credit uplift to be made permanent and include all affected by unemployment including the disabled
  5. subsidy for the self employed during the duration of the NPI’s should be made easier and available for more recent start ups and in line with the PAYE furlough scheme. This should include all workers not covered by the current schemes and ensure it covers all workers with no worker left aside.
  6. Most evictions have been paused until 11th January; we call on the Government to extend the “pause on evictions” until the 3 months after the lifting of NPI’s
  7. two weeks redundancy pay for each year worked with the weekly cap doubled, until 3 months after NPI’s have been lifted
  8. all street homeless to be housed without exception during the duration of NPI’s
  9. a second winter fuel payment to be made
A social security net for the pandemic
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