Labour has selected Vicky Foxcroft, the sitting MP to stand as Labour’s Candidate for MP in Lewisham Deptford. I am pleased to support her and already have my “Vote Labour” poster up. Anyone who thinks that this election is about anything other than Brexit is fooling themselves. She was one of the rebels who broke the whip to oppose the bill authorising the UK’s Article 50 notice, an action I supported. Corbyn has a problem in presenting Labour’s policy as he needs/wants to say one thing about winning and being in Government, and another should we lose.

My position is that of Conference, we have red lines, and if they’re crossed we will oppose Brexit or seek a second mandate. My red line includes staying in the Court’s jurisdiction for Human Rights law. I think Vicky’s position is close enough to mine; this is a deal breaking issue for me and many others I know. While I could not conceive of supporting the LibDems either during this election or after; there are alternatives.

The second dog out of the traps is oddly the anti-Labour Millwall crowd, dealt adroitly by Joe Dromey

The two things of which he speaks are the abandonment of the CPO and an independent enquiry into how the Council got to where it got, approving a planning application with a £20m gap. What he misses in his tweet, well, it’s only a tweet,  is that the vast majority of the Labour Group and the Deptford Party General Committee voted to rethink the planning process. The motion at the GC was moved by Millwall fans; there are many Millwall fans in the Labour Party, Vicky’s one, and they made their voice heard.

And out of the traps
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