I have arrived in Palo Alto, after my flight since I am spending the week at Menlo Park for some readiness training. I wasn’t feeling very intellectual, so instead of watching the Al Gore’s polemic on the environment, “An Inconvenient Truth” I checked out Mitchell & Web, who you can see asking if any of the Nazi’s Wermacht questioned the fascist imagery of the Nazi state, and advertising Macs [See Charlie Brooker’s comments at the Guardian…] all over the world, I then watched Tenacious D: the pick of destiny. Jack Black swears a lot. The journey was made more exciting by forgetting to move my clock forward and the worst queue for security I have ever seen, but I made the flight with a couple of minutes to spare.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog and published on https://blogdavelevy.info in June 2016

Back in the USA
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