After mixing it in a conversation about what Solaris needs to make me use it as my Laptop operating system of choice I was persuaded to trash my Linux build (Fedora 3.5) which was broken and unusable anyway, mainly because the update manager was completely shagged. (I’m in good company, see Eric Raymond’s goodbye to Red Hat). I then can use the new space to create an up to date opensolaris build with liveupgrade, so I won’t ever fall so far behind again. My Solaris build was Nevada 35 which has served me well as a Solaris platform for development and demonstration, but I had left it where it was because I am working on two projects which I wanted to finish before I caught up, however my colleagues have persuaded me to bite the bullet now. The original article details the how to in engaging detail and is not worth bringing across for several reasons. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Chris Gerhard; installability was still a weakness. 🙂


Original posted on my sun/oracle blog, and this pointer was posted in June 2016.

My Laptop Marathon, installing Open Solaris & liveupdate
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