A 25,000 person unit [or group] of units of the Wagner Group have left the Ukraine Front, have occupied the military barracks and command centres in Rostock on Don and are heading north. Putin has accused Prigozhin of treason; Prigozhin initially claimed that he was only opposed to Shoigu & Gerasimov (the commander’s of the military and army). It seems that Putin’s loyalists are taking inventory of who might seek to stop Prigozhin, but the predictions in Perun’s first video seem to be coming true; 75% of the Russian military budget is not useful for war-fighting. It now seems much of the army is not interested in defending the regime although whoever wins may have to pay this debt and it is felt that the internal security forces cannot stand up to the battle hardened Wagner Group, although one of their complaints was a lack of ammunition; has this been solved in Rostok? There are some reports that Putin has left Moscow.

The title of course, asks which of these would be military dictators will be the model for Prigozhin.

I am getting my news from twitter (at least its plural), the FT (where capitalists don’t lie to each other) and less from youtube.

Bonaparte or Kornilov
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