The British Parliament must keep the promises its leadership made in the last week of the Scottish referendum on independence. However, it would seem, that no matter which way you voted, it’ll cause problems for the Tories. Some are now saying they want to guarantee English votes for English laws; let’s see how far that goes. Some say they want to solve the West Lothian question which they allege becomes more acute if Holyrood gets more devolved powers. Some talk of an English parliament which is a crude attempt to entrench their majority, and this is the party that sank House Lords reform. Some may also seek to hold devo-max hostage to some sort of ‘English’ revolution.

Their problem is that there is little appetite in England for new regional assemblies, and the demand of English votes for English laws is equally untested. Many of us born here don’t feel English, we have a positive inclusiveness of being British without being English, as did many Scots. We see it as more inclusive and a more accurate statement of ourselves and our neighbours, and we are reclaiming it from the both the Tory Imperialists and the far right.

Congratulations Scotland
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