I wrote a piece on a colleague’s product. It was a crowd sourced content discovery tool called Slynkr; it looked remarkably like DIGG which was exceptionally hot at the time, and  I was very excited by its tagging functionality. The original article had some screen shots and a description of the technology, which included a single pint of failure i.e. its database, which would also act as a a scalability bottleneck. It’s advantage was it was open source, offering extensibility (if one had the skills) and an ease of installabilty; it also allowed wranglers/sponsors to control access to and to be able to moderate their communities. This latter advantage became clear as people began to challenge the openness and accountability of DIGG’s voting solution. Some of these ideas were adopted by Peter Reiser when he implemented Community Equity.

In the article, I made reference to some of Digg Labs’ data/feed representations; you can see the screenshots at my wiki, in an article called Digg Labs Visualisation (2007).


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, this pointer/précis was posted here; https://blog.davelevy.info in June 2016 as at the original date.


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