I had a look at the 2020 Leadership election and the 2016 results. There was a 4% drop, about 20,000 less, in people voting in 2020, from 2016 and yet, Rebecca Long Bailey, the standard bearer of the Left, got just short of 178,000 less votes than Corbyn. In a static electorate, the Left went backwards, by a lot!

This does not auger well for the next set of NEC elections. The rump left, which includes Momentum must begin to talk and listen to those who changed their minds and build unity within the Party around Starmer’s 10 pledges.

What I am saying is that examining the NEC results to determine strategy is not as helpful as some people think. Here is the tabulation of my numbers of the Leadership elections,

My sources are for 2020, the Labour Party site and for 2016, Wikipedia. I am curious about the 4,000 missing votes in the result.

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