Since PMQs earlier this week, when Ed Miliband accused the Tories of relying on donations from the rich and tax avoiders to fight and win the election, the fight of words has been rumbling on. Lord Fink, an ex-Treasurer of the Conservative Party first threatened to sue Miliband and then stated that everyone is doing it. Not so!

No-one on PAYE avoids tax! It’s another demonstration of how out of touch the Tories are. Remember when Jimmy Carr was caught out, he apologised and cancelled the scheme. I don’ think we’ll be seeing much of that going on.

On another point, a huge number of what I’ll call tax avoidance deniers are also trolling Ed’s tweet, trying to explain that avoidance is legal,

two things here, much of what is being discussed here may well be illegal, and even if legal it’s not fair! Most of us, those of us who pay our tax as PAYE don’t have the option. Are we all in this together? I don’t think so.

For those who don’t want to pay there fair share of tax, the Daily Mash has some guidance.


Everyone is doing it
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