Ron Jefferies ( presented a keynote speech about Agile software development. I enjoyed his pitch, although I’m no longer a developer. He delivered some great slogans. Despite describing them as slogans, these are based on important insights. I like “Ship early, ship often”. I was also interested in his view (reinforced by John Nolan) that team co-location is very important. I also enjoyed his definition of the customer requirement as “Free, Now & Perfect”. He also talked about software project planning, progress forecasting and enhancing the ability to understand whether the project is on time or late. Possibly my favourite comment was the suggestion that consultants should charge more if their advice is not accepted. It reinforces some of what I wrote here….

Both Ron & John showed that the agile/extreme programming methodologies have a lot to say about any management problem, leveraging insight and experience about the way people work to get the best from them, discussing issues ranging from dealing with the over development of capability through growth when juniors develop into seniors and you have too many seniors, the trade offs between methodology discipline, creativity and motivation and how to keep management slim.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, reposted here in Feb 2016

Everything, Now and Free!
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