Ed Miliband, somewhere between being too busy and not wanting to help the Sun sell more copies of itself, was unavailable or refused to appear on the front page of the Sun with the leaders of the Government parties and Farage wearing Help for Heroes wrist bands. The invite was clearly made in order to boost the Sun’s attempt to cloak itself in the Union Jack and veteran’s blood and suffering. Ed Miliband has no need or desire to help the Sun in its sordid self aggrandising campaign. The shame is that he was reported as having said he’s too busy, he should just have said “No, not for you!”. And while the Sun will try and portray this as a Labour leader that doesn’t support “our boys”, for them its all about their bottom line. Furthermore, Miliband’s support for veterans charities is a matter of public record. Perhaps it’s Help for Heroes that needs to consider the company it keeps.


The picture was sourced from Wikipedia who have asserted that it’s too simple to be protected by copyright.

Help for Heroes & the Sun
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