While looking up the Labour’s rules for something else, I came across this gem, which seems in fundamental disagreement with the behaviour of the General Secretary and Compliance Unit in auto-excluding people for “supporting … organisations other than official Labour “.

Many Labour supporters are also progressive campaigners, community activists and social entrepreneurs who forge positive change in their own neighbourhoods. We value this contribution and should embrace their activism. We need dialogue and to work in partnership with our Labour supporters. The Party’s organisation needs to match the way people live and reach out beyond its membership to our Labour supporters. Staying permanently in touch with our supporters, our local communities and the voters we seek to serve will mean we stay in government and are always a contender for government.

It’s in Appendix 1 NEC statement on the importance of our members. It’s a rule that means the auto-exclusion cannot be just applied to any one person, whoever they are wants, and therefore cannot be automatic.

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