I spent the afternoon on the doorstep as part of the team launching Deptford Labour Pat’s general election campaign. I have worked this area before; I can never read this part of the constituency, socially it should be Labour but its often quiet and much of my experience from previous campaigns is in different classes of area. One conversation is memorable, an older man, who grew up in the mining towns of South Wales, an ex-union man, said he couldn’t support us. He’d been watching Labour leave him and this time he couldn’t bring himself to do vote for us. He clearly sees Ed Miliband’s Labour Party as middle class disconnected and over populated by SPADS. He was critical on economics quoting Brown’s sale of the gold reserves as an example of Labour’s fecklessness.

He also stated that he hated Alex Salmond and that Labour’s likely need of the SNP was deeply dis-satisfying.


I pointed out that our candidate lived locally, had done so for many years and is a Trade Union official, it pleasantly surprised him but I doubt it’ll be enough to persuade him.


Written several months after the event based on notes taken at the time. This was after the first Tory SNP advert. It has been backdated to the date of occurrence, I should have listened harder.

Labour Doorstep
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