Luke Sorba expressed his opposition to open primaries in candidate selections at one of our all members meetings and then put them in writing in an article on Labour List, Do Primaries damage multi-party democracy?

He argues that allowing non-members to participate in candidate selection will reduce the accountability of candidates to their political party and produce candidates of more likely centrist position, although as I argue in my “If Only” article, this is getting more and more difficult.  Luke argues that such diverse accountabilities will make it difficult for Parties to exercise leadership as the problems facing society change. Candidates looking backwards and to their electorate will find it hard to change their views and policies and hard to build the broad coalitions necessary to change society.

Luke argues that this movement to the centre, possibly copied by the Tories in Totnes, or maybe not, is anything to go by will disenfranchise those who want or need a choice.  The lack of choice at the ballot box will lead to people giving up on democracy.

Having looked at the Macro issues , since he started with his experiences of losing inside the Labour party during the ’90s, he finishes with this,

So whether you perceive the Labour Party as shifting left or right, Trade Union bosses or millionaire donors as being too influential, rather than partially disenfranchise ourselves, do what I did: debate and wait. Respect majority decisions, don’t tamper with the rules.

I suggest you read him in his own words.

Labour’s Open Primaries
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