So it seems, that the legal terms of Cressida Dick’s contract are unclear, and thus we don’t know if she has resigned or been fired. However, it does seem she is due a £ ½ m compensation claim, for resigning.

From the Times article, it is unclear which contract she is resigning from; there’s only 1½ months of her current contract to run although they have signed a two year extension and it seems that this is what is governing the pay out.

A more balanced article would look at the role that personal service contracts have in the public sector; it’s usually not in the public’s interest

The injustice of this proposal is shown to me, last week I represented a member, who’s probation was terminated and offered two weeks pay-in-lieu of notice, and let’s face it, they were lucky; I have seen people lose their jobs with far less, even zero compensation. Also many member’s sick of their jobs, bullied by management, desperate to leave, but contractually bound to work their notice if they resign. I also remember when I discovered that contractual notice if dismissed or made redundant is superseded by the law.

I also still remember the worst and most unfair cases from over the last five years that I have been representing members where members are dismissed, with very little compensation, zero in some cases, and over the last two years very little chance of getting another job.

This is another example of one rule for the gilded few, and another for everyone else.

£½m for resigning, you’re having a laugh
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