It seems that last Thursday, Dell & Alienware agreed for Dell to take over Alienware. Interestingly (well, to me), I have just upgraded my household IT and have bought an Alienware Aurora for the games and a Dell for our household IT. (Am I a futurologist??)

On Yahoo news, Nelson Gomez (CEO of Alienware) says “Alienware has a legacy of success designing the highest-performance PCs using bleeding-edge technologies and innovative industrial design. We believe that Alienware will realize significant advantages from Dell’s world-class supply chain and operational efficiencies. They will allow us to continue to satisfy our core customers with the most innovative and highest-performing PCs, and ultimately extend the reach and appeal of the Alienware brand. This is possible since Dell seem to be planning to run Alienware as a division maintaining the brand and R&D separately. Interesting to see what’ll happen to the Dell XPS.

Another fascinating piece of the merger is that Alienware is an innovator in the PC market and proved it can build a company on the basis of hardware innovation to the extent that the ultimate commodity supplier has bought them. Innovation counts!. Whether Dell’s management can leave well enough alone to allow an operationally excellent company to co-exist within the same umbrella as one aiming at product excellence only time will tell, but its another proof point that times are changing and that “IT does n’t matter!”. I believe that Dell’s maturity; I’m rather a fan of Dell’s self help resources means that Dell have something to offer so we’ll have to see.

I have tried to take a picture of my Alienware Aurora, with something that’ll give you the idea of the size of things, they’re huge and when you compare them with the tiny Cobalt Qube, they seem even bigger. (I may or may not get round to publishing the pictures). Personally, I haven’t been allowed on it yet, but I can see that “Battle for Middle Earth” looks much better and checking out the software shelf we have certainly begun to catch up on what we’ve been missing due to the age of its predecessor.


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, republished here in March 2016.

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