It seems that my announcement that I have adopted a Blackberry and in doing so abandoned my Android based HTC aroused some interest. On the one hand you have an open source based operating system, java based apps, produced by an agile company that does no evil, on the other hand you have the epitome of the corporate suit’s pocket billiard cue rest. (Although I am informed that it’s IM app is the chat carrier of choice for today’s yoof!).

This is my work’s phone and the Blackberry has a better pan-European tariff plan; I need to travel to Paris for the next month or so. The company instructs android and IOS users to turn off the data services when abroad and I can’t be doing with that.

The blackberry also passes the Bob Appleyard test, “Does it make phone calls?” Yes it does.

I have been told I need to learn how to use two hands now I have “Grown Up”.

One disappointment, was when I first went to use the BB as a modem, and it asks to install the desktop manager from the CD that is distributed with the phone. Unfortunately, this is just an internet URL so if you’re not connected you’re stuffed.

Dur! I want to connect!….
You can’t unless you’re connected!

Anyway, once I got that installed, it was quite easy, but not as easy as using Android for this task. On the other hand, the Outlook integration is very good, and I like the Twitter app and the screen is a good size.  I am sure Orange Wednesday is availble and lets hope the London Transport apps are too. (WRT to the screen size comments, I have a Blackberry Torch which is replacing an HTC Hero 2, which I plan to re-use on my personal number, if it doesn’t cost me too much.)

My first Blackberry, bit late I know
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