I walked down to the conference centre and having been prompted by Chi Onawaruh picked up the National Policy Forum report. It’s huge and makes you wonder why they haven’t distributed it electronically. Doh! Of course, they have, they posted it on the membersnet site; they haven’t told anyone. Since they’ve also put it up YourBritain, [ the NPF Annual Report hosting page ] to thank all those non-members that contributed to the policy formation process, you’d think they might have pushed it out to the contributors, but they’ve all been busy.

The Party has spammed me close to 20 times over the summer asking for money, but couldn’t be arsed to tell me the NPF document was on the membersnet site. I wonder if this is a reflection of McTaggert’s law, that members in places that don’t win elections are more interested in policy; while I currently live in a strong Labour area, this has rarely been the case. Perhaps I am too interested in the policy. Anyway, don’t think we can say there’s not enough policy now. It’s going to be a struggle to read this all.

My old man said “follow the line”
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