The EU is considering a new Copyright law, its scrutiny committee is JURI (Legal Affairs) and the JURI Rapporteur is the sole remaining Pirate Party MEP, Julia Reda. She has posted her report, on her website here, and commented on a blog article here. She has also posted it to a collaboration site. This immediate debate has shown little support for Reda, which may suggest she has it right, or that her priorities are the troll friendly jurisdictions.

I created a story at storify, since moved to this blog which lists some of the comments that popped up in my feed. The IP Kat is as supportive as we can expect, expressing their deep legal expertise, in identifying the advantages of harmonisation not just of the technical issues in copyright but in terms of the legal framework. i.e. continuing the process of opening domestic law to supra-national appeal and precedent. (In the UK, a ton of shit and fan interface scenario.)

At ORGCon14 Amelia Andersdottir raised our hopes that the agenda of Copyright reform would be progressed and expressed her disappointment in an article on Torrentfreak. I am not sure she’s right to be so downbeat.


Written 24th Feb and backdated to 26th Jan, when Andersdottir published her response, the Storify was published on the 23rd and I plan to write a personal piece on the pros and cons.

New Copyright Laws
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