I mirror part of a Sky News report, a WHO spokesperson states that track & trace is more important than lockdowns, “UK leaders need to sort out problems with test and trace, says WHO envoy“, while we consider that all the Govt. is doing is mandating social lockdowns while the true communication sites are schools, universities and multi-occupancy households.

The World Health Organisation’s special envoy for global COVID-19 response, Dr David Nabarro, has told Sky News that the UK needs to “sort out test, trace and isolate”. 

He said that although lockdowns were used by many countries at the beginning of the year to “take the heat off” health systems, these should not be the primary response to bring down cases now.

“This virus isn’t going to go away,” he said. “The only way you can get rid of it is by finding people with the disease and isolating them, finding their contacts and isolating them, and then protecting the people who are most at risk.

“We’ve got to find a better way of dealing with this virus, so why can’t Western Europe?”

Dr Nabarro said he does not think “the UK should see that it’s in the bottom of the league table” in terms of dealing with the pandemic, given that it has “some of the best public health specialists”.

“I would like to suggest that decision-makers actually sort out these problems,” he said, referring to the Test and Trace system.

In an appeal to ministers, he added: “Could you at least spend a bit of time thinking about ways to get around this problem?”

Sky News 15/10/2020

No isolation without track & trace
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