What’s happening in the Gulf is both exceeding dangerous, and in terms of a Brexit government’s request for European Union’s military help quite amusing. Britain was set up by Trump’s Govt and then let down when asked for military help, but the military reason we need to ask for help is that the UK only has 19 surface ships and one of the reasons for this dramatic reduction is the decision to build the two aircraft carriers and four ICBM carrying submarines. I have written about the Aircraft Carriers and the Missile subs before. The former are the results of New Labour’s pork barrel politics and the subs are also useless and will be more so in the future. …


It’s funny how these things work, but I did some research to see how big the Navy is compared with other country’s and to use the words of Captain Rum, “Opinion be divided!”. Number of ships is important because it takes them a long time to get anywhere, and so they need to be in place before trouble starts. Globalfirepower lists Navies by number of ships, and the UK comes 32nd, between Quatar and the UAE. (Iran is 4th.) More qualitative rankings, place us higher, but Business Insider, last year, placed us outside their top ten.

Not enough to go round
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