I am writing an article on McNicol’s term of office as General Secretary and found this now shocking eulogy by Corbyn, reported in this article, in the Telegraph dated 24th Feb 2018

“I would like to personally thank Iain McNicol for his long and dedicated service to the Labour Party as General Secretary.

“He has run our party’s organisation at a time of great change, including a near tripling of the membership, two general elections and the EU referendum.

“Iain has served the Labour Party and trade union movement in a wide range of roles throughout his career and is a credit to our movement.

“I am confident Iain will continue to play a major role in politics and our party, and will support our team inside and outside Parliament with his experience and skills.”

It should be noticed that he lost every national campaign he ran, i.e. the two general elections and the referendum; he couldn’t even do the basic minimum, but he had time to tell CLPs they couldn’t vote on how they felt about the Referendum and to investigate over 10,000 members, exclude 125,00 from the 2nd Leadership election and expel the Godalming three and numerous other Left wingers.

Not even the basics
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