This came through earlier in the month, despite the Tory Party being fined, it seems that Craig McKinley, the Tory candidate for Thanet South, in 2015 is not guilty of electoral fraud, it was all down to his local campaign official. I didn’t think that was how the law worked; I didn’t think it was possible to find an Agent guilty and a candidate innocent but hey ho, we live and learn. Of course, they can’t order the election to take place again because it already has. The Secret Barrister wrote about the decision not to prosecute, the Tory’s candidates and agents over their “Battlebus” expenditure, he or she states, the CPS chose not to prosecute because evidence of corruption was likely to be too hard to prove, but,

…  In relation to the lesser offence of failing to deliver a true return, the CPS concluded, perhaps charitably, that for for the same reason it was not in the public interest to charge any of the agents or candidates with that offence.

They made an exception for the Thanet South election where they decided to prosecute. … 


I am a bit confused about the dates, surely given the Independent only reported this on the 9th Jan, this Supreme Court judgement, dated 25th July 2018 can’t be part of the deliberation? Well, it obviously is, but I can’t find the electoral court judgement although it seems that it was heard at Southwark Crown Court. Anyone want to help me?

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