I wrote today to my MP and to Sir Kier Starmer about the proposal to vote with the Govt on any trade deal with the EU. The words were originally drafted by the Labour Movement for Europe. In Vicky’s case this is not the first time I have written to her on this subject.

As a Labour Party Member, I am deeply worried to read media reports that Labour is considering voting to support the Brexit deal that Boris Johnson brings back. This is a circular drafted by the Labour Movement for Europe, which I have read and amended to more accurately reflect my views. 

Labour must not vote with the Tory Govt, the Tories must own the consequences of Brexit.

While we do not know the exact contents of the deal, we already know that it will fall far short of the promises Boris Johnson made to the British people and that it will fail to meet Labour’s original Brexit tests, or those of the TUC.

We also know, as per independent analysis by the Bank of England, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Treasury and virtually every single think tank, that any kind of Brexit deal will make the UK poorer than it otherwise would have been, had the UK remained in the European Union. 

Just a few months before Brexit predictions will be proven Brexit reality, it would seem extremely short-sighted to vote for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and then have Labour held equally responsible by the public for all of its damaging effects.

Voting for Boris’ Brexit deal will not win back Scotland, where a large majority voted to Remain and will not win back the ‘Red Wall’ either, when the majority of Labour voters, even in Northern Leave seats voted to Remain

To give Boris Johnson a huge majority for his Brexit deal, would also be seen as a big endorsement for his negotiating strategy, including his attempts to break international law.

While voting against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal would be best to show voters that it does not meet his promises, we cannot risk a no-deal Brexit, and there may be a danger that if Labour voted against it, along with the ERG and other Tory Brexiteer hardliners, that could be the outcome. If the risk is minimal, Labour should vote against the deal. It’s crucial that Labour make the Tories own the consequences of Brexit. 

Therefore, I urge you to do everything you can to ensure Labour’s position is to abstain or vote against, rather than to support this dreadful, damaging Tory deal, should it come to a parliamentary vote.

Oppositions oppose, do not vote for Boris’s Trade Deal
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