After May’s speech last night, someone started a petition on the Government’s e-petitions site calling on the Government to Revoke the Article 50 notice to quit the EU.

The growth in signatures has been explosive, hitting the 100,000 in hours, having a rate of 50 minute at 3:30 am and hitting 2,000 a minute in the early morning (100 TPS) and then it crashed. It was restarted early morning and went down again, but is now up and states over ¾m signatures. …

I noted in a tweet that an availability failure is potentially a failure provide “adequate technical protection” since the system holds “special personal data” and if so the failure should be reported to the ICO within three days but on 2nd thoughts I think this is a stretch, still highly embarrassing if caused by bad planning and testing; it’s of course much worse if caused by other means.

When working on availability assessments, I an my colleagues recommended testing (in someway) at three times average use and 10 times average use; these may have been taken from one of the business regulators, possibly from overseas.


Revoke Article 50, a petition
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One thought on “Revoke Article 50, a petition

  • 21st March 2019 at 7:24 pm

    It seems the usage was 400% of previous max. usage.

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