Just some times I come across a piece of research which my search engines find hard to help me with. Since Google, they all seem to use in-list based sorting algorithms. Some resources, such as the EU’s web complex don’t seem to have enough sites pointing at it for this to be a wisdom of crowds solution and their own search engine doesn’t seem to help me either. You’d think that the various News organisation feeds that specialise might issue permalink based pointers but querying the EU site remains hard.

A while ago, I reviewed , the research white paper, Searching the Workplace Web in my blog artice The shape of the Internet…, which argued that inlist based ranking is not necessarily the best sort order of an intranet query. Certainly the Europa site seems to have many of the properties of an intranet identifed by IBM research team. Is this true of all Government sites? Do they have to be their own in-list?

Are there any search engines that might do better?


Originally posted on my sun/oracle blog, reposted here in July 2016.

Searching europa, is there a limit to Google
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